High Peak Tent

The high peak event tent system combines simple components which translate to fast assembly times. The tent can be easily adapted by integrating half hexagonal or octagonal extensions or high peak roof conversions which dramatically enhance the visual appearance. This is the ideal clearspan tent structures for all your parties.

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Products Description

The frame is manufactured in China from a combination of high grade anodised aluminium and corrosive resistant galvanised steel for the connecting parts.
Covers are supplied using the latest in low wick, anti-fungicide high gloss white, flame retardant translucent or Opaque PVC in accordance with international standards including DIN 4102 B1, BS 5438 / 7837, NFPA701.

Clearspan width Bay distance Side height Ridge height Main profile Design wind load Design snow load  
6m 3m 3m 3.96m 120x48mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
9m 3m 3m 4.6m 120x48mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
12m 3m 3m 5.2m 120x48mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
15m 5m 4m 6.5m 150x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
20m 5m 4m 7.2m 200x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
25m 5m 4m 8m 250x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
30m 5m 4m 8.7m 300x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
40m 5m 4m 10.2m 300x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
50m 5m 4m 11.9m 350x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  
60m 5m 4m 13.5m 420x120mm 95mph 3s gust 0.3kn/m2  


Material and Quality


Hard press industrial grade aluminum alloy 6061-T6

Roof Cover

850gsm blackout PVC cover, M2/NFPA701 fire retardant

Side Wall

650gsm translucent PVC cover, M2/NFPA701 fire retardant


Hot galvanized steel connectors, aluminum connectors


Optional Accessories







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